Dec 8, 2012

The Beginning

I wrote this 2 weeks ago before all the current disturbing events. Please read with an open mind and heart…

I am so furious I can’t sleep

For a while now I have been seriously thinking of leaving Egypt for good. It’s almost like over the years I have been slowly expelled by the country. Extruded. And I continue to consider it. Why? Because I am constantly having difficulty living here… more so recently.

Until the revolution, there was no hope in change. We had accepted our inevitable status quo. The trick was adaptation. We lived with the situation, and made the best out of it. We created our glorious bubbles with the kind of life we believed to be satisfactory. We grouped and huddled with like-minded people to sustain and live with shared common sense and principles. A pseudo quality of life, a consequence of alienation by the general common sense of the masses and the obscene corruption and injustice of the government and subsequent authorities. A life where every one of us partakes in bribery and corruption, either by participation or tolerance. We lived selfishly to survive. We took from Egypt what we deemed part of our rights, and we gave very little back. You may disagree and claim you did give back. That maybe true for a minority, but a deluded misconception for the majority. We watched the country sink before our eyes, yet “kept calm, and carried on”.  

The revolution happened.

 It may have been a huge cascade of events orchestrated by some superior human powers.  It may have been a genuine and spontaneous uprising by Egyptians. It may have been a mix of both… The fact is, it did happen. The conclusion, change IS possible.

We continue to live in our bubbles. We couldn’t be farther from the goals of “our” revolution. However we still go on with our “business as usual”, and often sit and complain to vent our frustration (Again, there are exceptions that I acknowledge). We are inclined to do that after all, after long training by the toppled regime.

But if the decades-long status quo of steel has proven breakable, then anything is game now!

I cannot stand by and watch another farce unfold and a new age of tyranny drain the country’s blood.  Our country.  I am not specifically referring to a group, movement or sector of the government. I’m referring to whomever or whatever is in control.

Do you believe anything you hear or read in Egypt? Do you trust any politician or figure of authority? Do you really believe any of them puts the well being of Egypt (thereby you and I) as their sole priority? I don’t! Everywhere I look or listen, I find blatant deception. None of them is watching my back, but I don’t want to remain in my subsequent bubble. I want them to do their job, and I want to approve of it.  In return, I will fulfill my duties and work on being less selfish.

I want so many things to make my life better.

I want to have my rights and freedom, while maintaining my dignity. I don’t want to be frequently frustrated.  I don’t want to see catastrophes of negligence and incompetence going unpunished and dealt with obscurely. I want to drive to work and back without cursing the streets, drivers and traffic authorities. I want to earn what my diligence deserves. I want peace and quiet at home. I don’t want the “bawabeen” and their clans ruling the streets. I want people to have better manners. Oh don’t get me started on manners everywhere. Sincere mutual respect has been replaced by opportunism, materialism and blatancy.

But hey, I’m a successful professional living in a bubble with relatively high standards set for the quality of life I seek. What about the average Egyptian. The one I arrogantly referred to earlier as the masses, while he’s actually my fellow if not my brother.

Well, his needs are slightly more pressing than mine. Lets see…

How about a job? – “A lot have jobs but they perform badly”.  Ok, Humane and safe modes of transport then? Yes! Clean drinking water? A sewage system that doesn’t involve his street? Basic education? Healthcare? (laugh). A police force to turn to for safety and assistance. A judiciary system to redeem rights in less than a lifetime of trials, if at all. I could go on for pages. Basically he wants all that his government promised in the “Government-Citizen” contract, and his God-given dignity and respect. Right now he has NOTHING but fleeting moments of happiness that he must create for himself… or rely on substance abuse for it.

It may seem naïve, but we can all have what we deserve/need/want .  We have the natural resources, manpower, experts, location, and love… since every Egyptian claims to “love” Egypt!

Now, we direly need:

1)      Truth

2)      Justice

3)      Law and Order

and when I say Truth, I mean True and fearless leaders, True professional media, True transparency of government. The idea of the leader that “knows best” is prehistorically obsolete now. Educate the people THEN let them make their own decisions.

The fact that not ONE man/woman (to my knowledge) involved with the previous regime has come forward with the Truth of what went on behind closed doors is shameful. So much fear still exists, together with complete disregard for the greater good. The fear and silence remain with terrorism. Terrorism thrives without law and order.  In the lack of Truth, Justice can never prevail.  It’s a vicious cycle, but it is unnatural. Hence, it can be broken.

I am furious, but I am also hopeful. I call for anyone else who shares my sentiments. I don’t know what we should or can do, but for God’s sake let’s do something! Let’s think together, brain storm, plan, and work on how to break that damn cycle TOGETHER.

With common goals, genuine and passionate intentions, bravery and effort…. ANYTHING is possible.

God be with us. God bless Egypt

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