Dec 8, 2012

Blog is now served....

The exact purpose of this blog is not yet defined in my mind, nor should it be. The reason is I do not seek to make some singular applaudable impact. True impact is through solidarity. A group movement characterized by open-mindedness and sincerity is much stronger than any selfish aspiration to glory.
This is a place to build visions and dreams, tune them, and then plan on realizing them, all based on truth and honesty.  It is a long-winded process that requires temporary disconnection from current events and their consequences in our emotions. It requires not jumping to big goals like political entitlement or uprising, but rather taking very small slow steps towards something possibly immensely rewarding.
If this sounds interesting to you, read the previous post (The Beginning -below)
If you find you are interested to join this group, please email me with a simple “yes” or any ideas you may have. You will need a gmail account though. At this starting stage, please forgive me for restricting membership to people I know.
Thank you for reading.

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